Monday, August 13, 2007

c'mon get happy!

okay, i gave myself a task to list out 50 things that make me happy. here goes.

1) random road trips, complete with a good playlist on my iPod and junk food from the convenience stores.

2) good coffee, especially hazelnut in the fall and winter

3) the anticipation of college football

4) swing sets and playgrounds

5) fabric softener

6) sleeping with the ceiling fan on and having to cuddle up tight to keep warm

7) Blaring Justin Timberlake's "Future/Sex/Love/Sounds" cd on my Bose sound dock and singing and dancing as I get ready to go somewhere

8) Dancing around in my skivvies. (who said you have to dance through life fully clothed?!)

9) Meeting a complete stranger and forming a friendship out of nowhere

10) The Wizard of Oz. After all Auntie Em, there's no place like home.

11) sweet tea. it's the wine of the south.

12) good, long hugs

13) Cakebread wine (particularly the Chardonnay)

14) completely junky reality TV, like Real World, The Bachelor and Big Brother.

15) sitting down with an old person and listening to their life stories

16) looking back at pictures I’ve taken through the years

17) riding in a clean car with the windows down and radio up

18) Being able to sit in total silence with another person and not a moment of it be awkward

19) cuddling up on the couch with the newspaper or a Sudoku book on a Sunday afternoon

20) Old Navy yoga pants

21) Planning trips

22) Love stories that turn out with a happily ever after

23) Going out dancing

24) Cold watermelon

25) Good hair and skin days

26) being in love

27) football games that are so intense I’m screaming at my T.V.

28) when the Gamecocks win those games.

29) snow days that force you to stay home

30) Old, beat up pick-up trucks. I will own one one day.

31) ghost stories, especially around a fire in the fall in Jonesboro, TN

32) stars. so much than i got one tattooed on my foot.

33) New York City and Broadway

34) pretending I'm a good photographer

35) Accessories! They are better than the clothes.

36) Biosilk

37) The movie, Shag. Please see it if you haven't.

38) Cooking....namely baking.

39) Scouring flea markets for the perfect find to add to the house...the find that everyone else wishes they had found.

40) Little black dresses

41) Elvis

42) the smell of leather

43) winding mountain roads

44) unexpected trips--those grab a bag and jump in the car and go at the last minute kind of trips...

45) the beautiful turquoise water and careless naked people at Isle de Tintamaar, off the coast of St. Maarten

46) clyde, maggie and wickett

47) simple, country people

48) thunderstorms and rain

49) produce stands