Monday, March 24, 2008


it's bound to make you smile! these are the cutest little kids that some mom put on youtube.

the green room gets a makeover!

if you've ever stayed at our house, you've stayed in the green room! we decided to "adultify" it (so galinda of me...) and redecorate.

the old colors were loud and the hot pink lended itself to more of an 18 year old's room, so here's what we did to make it over to be a more grown up space. after all, we are fast approaching our 30's. oh wait, jeff's already there.... :)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

it's been a while!

it's been a while....

jeff got a new "classic" car the other day...a 1988 ford bronco. it's 20 years old, but get this--it only has 35,000 actual miles on it! he really, really likes it and i must say, it is sharp. i'll post pics later.

we are are trying to be finished with the master bath...we started on it back in october, but my work kicked into high gear and it just hasn't gotten finished. we are having a guy come out to start tile work in there in two weeks. our big dilemma right now...should we put in a new tub or should we forgo the tub and put in a kick butt shower? i must say that i am pleased with what we were able to do. the paint looks great! i did some striping...

we are also so glad to have our cousin, bryce, back home! bryce underwent a major surgery in atlanta on his back to correct the curvature of his spine and came through it miraculously! he is such a hero to all of us. the surgery was in february and he is already back home and in his own bed. we were so fortunate to have a visit from uncle frank and aunt pam this week. they came all the way from texas to stop in and say hello and visit with bryce and the family. of course, any special occasion calls for dinner at paesano''s our favorite! it was bryce's first "night out" since his surgery and he wasted no time digging into the bread and dipping oils! and us stovalls wasted no time digging into a bottle of red wine!

we're really, really ready for springtime! we got a good taste of it last week when it was in the high 70's...we got grill fever and ate outside. it was wonderful! here's a pic of our yummy supper...cedar plank salmon with long grain brown rice, roasted asparagus and a small roasted tomato with prosciutto, basil and mozzarella. mmm mmm!

that's about it for now. hope all is well with everyone out there! :-)