Monday, March 23, 2009

need a light fixture? what about a chair?

I just posted a few things on Craigslist and thought I'd bring out my inner marketing nerd and post to the blog as well, just in case any of my friends out there were interested.

Here are the links: (this one would be great spray painted black.) :)

now, back to more spring cleaning! stay tuned...i may just sell more!

Monday, March 9, 2009

feliz cumpleanos, hubby!

jeff had a birthday last week and i'm a little late in getting a post up! birthdays seem less fun when they're on a weekday, especially wednesdays, but we had a good time, nonetheless!

i had planned to get him a new chainsaw and had researched it and knew exactly what kind i wanted to get him. i was so proud that i knew the technical stuff about chainsaws that i had learned in my googling over the past week. i called the tractor supply store and they were out, but getting in an order that afternoon--too bad i couldn't get over there before they closed! so, there i was, with nothing to give jeff when he got home from work on his birthday. so, here's what i gave him:

an admittedly pitiful rendition, but he knew exactly what it was and it sufficed until we got to go pick up the real thing on Friday!

we did dinner at the mexican restaurant with his family, which was full of laughs and ended with jeff in a very special birthday sombrero.

then, folks, he got it. he FINALLY got his long-awaited mower/grass monster on Friday. i call it a grass monster because it looks like the farthest thing from a lawn mower. it's pretty sweet. here are some pics from before he even got it off the trailer! he is seriously in love with it. it is supposedly going to cut down his mowing time from 4-5 hours to 1-2 hours, tops, which will be great in freeing up some of that precious weekend time! less time on the lawn mower means more time on projects (see last post)!

march madness

this is the view from last monday morning at sunrise. needless to say, i was north face'd out in fleece, down and boots.


flip flops, t-shirt and shorts.

gotta love the south and gotta love this gorgeous day we're having!

as spring approaches, it's got me thinking about so many spring things that i want! kayaks, a new deck, a garden, landscaping...there's so much!
i get the spring bug every year and it usually doesn't start until the END of march. there's so many projects that i want to do and need to just make a list so that i attempt them in a somewhat organized fashion.

i can literally walk into any room in my house and there's SOMETHING i want to do--whether it's a fresh coat of paint, or new artwork, or new furniture. so i'll keep you all posted on the different mini projects going on here as i start them. first up is likely the kitchen. we just added a new faucet and are getting ready to change out the countertops, sink and appliances. just thinking about it makes me exhausted.