Monday, March 9, 2009

march madness

this is the view from last monday morning at sunrise. needless to say, i was north face'd out in fleece, down and boots.


flip flops, t-shirt and shorts.

gotta love the south and gotta love this gorgeous day we're having!

as spring approaches, it's got me thinking about so many spring things that i want! kayaks, a new deck, a garden, landscaping...there's so much!
i get the spring bug every year and it usually doesn't start until the END of march. there's so many projects that i want to do and need to just make a list so that i attempt them in a somewhat organized fashion.

i can literally walk into any room in my house and there's SOMETHING i want to do--whether it's a fresh coat of paint, or new artwork, or new furniture. so i'll keep you all posted on the different mini projects going on here as i start them. first up is likely the kitchen. we just added a new faucet and are getting ready to change out the countertops, sink and appliances. just thinking about it makes me exhausted.


Chris, Amanda, Ethan & Abbey said...

good luck girl! we are doing mini and major projects around the house as well. we've got the spring bug BAD!