Monday, March 12, 2007

dancing through life

my favorite musical in the whole wide world is wicked. if you haven't seen it, please try to catch it sometime when it is on tour--or better yet, see it on broadway in NYC. it's incredible--the art, the story, the characters...and especially the music.

one of my favorite songs is what prompted me to name my blog just what it is, dancing through life. i love the lyrics and love the message:

nothing matters when knowing nothing matters; it's just life, so keep dancing through!

dancing through life

dancing through life
skimming the surface
gliding where turf is smooth
life's more painless
for the brainless
why think too hard?
when it's so soothing
dancing through life
no need to tough it
when you can sluff it off as i do
nothing matters
but knowing nothing matters
it's just life
so keep dancing through...

dancing through life
swaying and sweeping
and always keeping cool
life is fraughtless
when you're thoughtless
those who don't try
never look foolish
dancing through life
mindless and careless
make sure you're where less
trouble is rife
woes are fleeting
blows are glancing
when you're dancing
through life...