Friday, February 6, 2009

friday randomosity

  • i am so tickled to have the afternoon today with NOTHING to do. is it sad that i am choosing to spend this free time cleaning (and am looking forward to it?) what has happened to me?!

  • the majority of my morning has been spent researching online how to get the little dog from putting her butt up in the weenie dog's face. i have explained to her that to be beautiful, you must ACT beautiful, but apparently she doesn't get it. If she is how she acts, then she is a dirty, dirty slut.

  • i just bought a driver on eBay. no, not a chauffeur, a golf driver.

  • 2 things have made me happy already today and i've only been awake for an hour: ray lamontagne is coming to town and they have confirmed that they will be coming out with a sequel to sex and the city. the day's lookin' up!

  • i am learning that one way i do NOT want to spend my hard-earned money is on lawyer fees. i also do not CHOOSE to have crappy neighbors, but of course, there's always one in the bunch.

  • if i hear about deck sizes and horsepowers much more, i am going to have a mini-meltdown. jeff has been researching commercial lawn mowers for going on a month now and seems that is the only thing he can talk about.

  • ireland is in the running for our next vacation.

  • i went to get a manicure yesterday and the first color i was drawn to, i absolutely loved. i got it, took it over to the wee man who does my nails, and plopped it down. i always turn it over to see what the name of it is (nail polishes have the coolest names!) and i am choosing to believe that it was mere coincidence that this polish i love soooo much is called "the wicked witch."

  • i am craving a trip to IKEA.

  • i am already ready to paint my office a different color. "snowfall" just isn't gettin' it. it is only a harsh reminder that we STILL haven't gotten any snowfall round these parts.

  • i was shocked to learn this week that kelly ripa only washes her hair every two days. i would look like someone dumped an oil vat on my head if i tried that!
happy friday to all!