Monday, October 26, 2009

rug placement?

we just revamped the master bedroom (nothing major, just new ceiling fan, hardwood floors, cool new eurosham pillows, etc.). and one of the new additions to the room is this new awesome sisal rug:

so, any of you with a decorating sense out there---i need your help and opinions. what is the best way to place an area rug in the bedroom? do you put the whole bed on it?

do you center it in the room?
photo courtesy of karen sesler design

or do you put half of the bed on it?

is there a "right" way?
...or should you even put a rug at all?

anyone out there in blogville care to share with me your opinion? (pretty please?)


carrie said...

Not that I have any design sense, but how big is the rug?

lindsay said...

carrie, it's a 6'x9'...i'm not sure the room measurements! :-/ i think i'm over-analyzing it all!!!

carrie said...

I do the same thing! I like the look of the picture where it is half-way under the bed. Seems like the bed would be covering most of it if you put the WHOLE thing under the bed. WHatever you end up doing will look have great decorating sense!! :) OH...and be sure to post a pic of the final product. I want to see what a eurosham is....i am SO out of the loop!! :)

lindsay said...

thanks for your input, roomie! i'll be sure to post a pic when it's done--and a eurosham is a perfectly square pillowcase (the euro style pillow is square rather than rectangle.) you're not out of the loop--i'm just a geek.