Sunday, November 22, 2009

the hostess with the mostest

with the holidays fast approaching, i always like to have some of those "under $30" gifts on hand, for last minute get together hostess gifts, co-worker gifts, secret santa swaps, etc. here are some of my fave pics for this year's small gift giving. all of these are less than $30 and most all of them can all be bought online. many companies and website will offer free shipping starting next friday as part of the black friday sales, so take advantage! (and if you're like me, you'll probably won't be able to control yourself and will buy some of these for yourself as well!)

1. this gorge fossil cutting board with cheese slicer from crate and barrel. this can be chilled for serving fruits, cheeses, even sushi. perfect for the entertaining gal. cost: $24.95

2. oh, how i love me some etsy! i can always find things on here--some practical, some not so much (see # 16) but how cute is this little leather debit card holder? especially great for the team jacob'ers out there, with its adorable little wolf stamp on it! you can find this under etsy seller bonspiel creations for just $12.

3. love this little brewing mug from polish pottery. great for tea time! cost: $29.95 and boy do polish mugs ever keep the bev's good and hot.

4. my favorite cd as of late...great background music for parties or for driving down the road. this boy is one of my faves (as most of you already know...i'm borderline obsessed.) cost: $12.99 at target.

5. jaw droppingly beautiful crystal winestoppers are just one of those things you just don't buy for yourself, at least i don't! so i'm always happy to get these as gifts. these are a steal at $19 from pottery barn.

6. for the starbucks aficionado, how about a frother for at-home lattes? found this aerolatte on crate and barrel for just $19.95.

7. and while we're on coffee, check out these adorable coffee koozies that velcro around your hot drink! (plus, they are "greener" than the cardboard ones you get everytime at starbucks.) these are on etsy, under seller name notapotato for $8 a pop. AND they're reversible!

7. for the man of the house, this is a good one at just $29.95 at brookstone.

8. this one's just a classic and a must-have for anyone who actually enjoys spending time in the kitchen, like yours truly here.

...and you could even throw in a copy of the new dvd, julie and julia.

i haven't seen it yet, so can't really give my two cents worth, but it sure would be cute tied to the top of this cookbook, found at amazon for $10.17. dvd is $9.99 at amazon as well.

9. bargain hunters, unite! i have one of these ikea farm vases in our bedroom and it is a great piece for any room of the house. only $9.99.

10. i'm a sucker for leather. i'm also a sucker for blank pages. there's just something about an empty journal with lines just waiting to be filled up. these on are just lovely. cost: $25

11. we southerners are cuh-ray-zee about monogramming. it's on our bags, it's on our feather lined coozies at football games, it's even on some people's cars. how beautiful is this personalizable, silver plated julep cup from pottery barn? it could be used as a vase, as a pretty container for tea spoons or drink stirrers, even a toothbrush holder. $24 with free shipping.

12. we love these ice cream balls. great for campers or kids! you literally just shake it to make it. :-) $29.27 at amazon.

13. i found these neat wooden musical fruits on west elm's website and think the apple, especially, would make a great gift for teachers. it plays "what a wonderful world." "awwwww!"-worthy! $29.95

14. these are my favorite handmade soaps, and lucky me, they are made locally. the folks at thistle ridge are most always at our local craftshows and festivals, so i am always able to stock up on my favorites, like the patchouli and twin mint. but if you aren't fortunate to live in the beautiful palmetto state, you can buy them online. $5 each

14. oh, anthropologie! why must i love every little thing you sell? everything freakin' thing!!! i'm lovin' this pretty sweater candle for $20.

15. a must-see movie for your favorite gal pal with many laugh out loud moments. $14.99 at wal-mart.

16. sex and the city the movie. any girl will love it. 'nuff said.

17. fun times ahead with this cool table topics conversation starters from Z gallerie. they come perfectly packaged in a cute, clear box with questions like "what was your most embarrassing moment?" and "what is your favorite line from a movie?" $24.95

18. i dig this rattan chip and dip set from pier 1 so much that i already own one. $25

19. how fun would this be to have this at a party? i love this vintage tattoo set at restoration hardware. a bucket of fun for only $12!

20. and last but not least...perhaps the most meaningful gifts i've ever received are handwritten letters. it's actually my favorite thing to get. in the world of text messaging, twitter, and e-mail, it is nice to get something on paper, handwritten and from the heart. write a letter to your friend, your child, your spouse, your parents, etc. on nice paper (use your bestest handwriting!) Then roll it up and tie it with a piece of yarn or pretty ribbon. cost: free. but mark my words, it'll be priceless to them....


The Cassidys said...

i'm loving those coffee cozies! i've GOT to have one!