Tuesday, April 13, 2010

martha moments: cake in a mug

okay, so this may beat the diet coke cupcakes, y'all.

and it only makes one a time, so you're not stuck being tempted with the remaining dozen plus cupcakes you have sitting on the kitchen counter. 

it's too easy.

you'll need:
1 microwavable coffee mug
1/3 cup cake mix, you choose the flavor
3 T. water

Combine cake mix and water in a mug (no need to spray with cooking spray).
Microwave for 1 minute. 

that's it. seriously!

I made the white cake mix one today for a snack and according to my calculations, it was 75 calories, and .75g fat.  
...and 100% worth all 60 seconds it took to make it!


  • store the rest of the cake mix in a sealed container or ziploc bag.
  • for a spongier, less dense cake, mix angel food cake mix and the regular cake mix in a ziploc bag and use 1/3 cup of that mixture instead of straight up cake mix. 
  • have to have chocolate on top? drizzle with Hershey's chocolate syrup


CASA BRASI said...

Amazing! I will DEFINITELY try this one! Too easy!

Lindsay said...

um, yeah! definitely going to try, too!! i could do the chocolate cake mix to fill my craving :)

Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

Cake in a mug sounds delish! I stopped by via a Brooklyn Limestone;o)