Thursday, September 2, 2010

what's LSD up to?

let me start by saying that this post will have nothing to do with LSD, so if you were hoping to see illegal substance talk on my blog, sorry to disappoint. sometimes i (along with some of my friends) refer to myself as LSD because LSD is my monogram.  and in south carolina, you know we monogram every.freaking.thing.

anyway, here's what LSD's been doing lately:

i've gotten back into a major cooking mood lately and have whipped up some pretty tasty stuff, including homemade blueberry muffins, a couple of cakes, shrimp and grits, and we've been grilling a good bit, too.
jeff has mastered a wonderful filet mignon recipe that i'll have to share soon.

i love photography and i love to do it when the family is as awesome on the inside and out as the shoot i did this past week. we had a lovely afternoon up on the mountain sunday afternoon. the clouds and sunset were breathtaking and the slight almost autumn breeze was divine. pics to come soon!

so i went a little nuts in the apple store recently. we decided we needed a new laptop. so off we went to the land of sleek white and glass. alas, we were going to make the transition from pc to mac.  those folks have it going on. they know that they don't have to "hard sell" anything because the product seriously sells itself, especially after you get to walk around and play with it all.  everything is so smooth and minimal. they drew me in like a moth to a flame. i won't go into everything that left in our bags with us, but let's just say we are enjoying our computer and iPads very very much.

football season tends to bring lots of folks over to our house so i'm helping my hubs spruce up the "man cave."  right now it is a mixture of college football paraphernalia and poker chips.  we're working on it....

i've been back into the walking thing now for several months and am getting ready to up my game and start running again. running used to be something that i did all the time in high school and college. i didn't think anything of getting out and taking a jog. now it involves a major self pep talk and giddy up and go.  but i love the alone time and the chance to clear my blackberry, no e-mail, no nothing. just me, the best pair of running shoes EVER and a good playlist.

that running doesn't come without consequence. getting old is NO FUN. i thought i'd be at least 60 before i said the words "my hip hurts" to my husband.

we're overjoyed that our little maggie dog is starting to show major improvements, like wagging her tail and standing on her own. she's even moving those little back feet now. hopefully she'll be up and running again in no time. in the meantime, we are celebrating those little things we took for granted.

on college football season to start tonight.  can i get a woohoo?

i've been super busy with my "day job." hard as it may be to believe, i spend my days in the insurance business.  then i spend the rest of my time moonlighting with photography and design ventures. i've been spreading myself a little too thin lately.

i got my tool bag of craft paints out today for the first time in a looooong time to work on a sign for a friend's new studio. it's starting to look lovely.

a lot. i enjoy windshield time and the open road but not as much as i have been on it lately. i got a great new-to-me car in july and would rather not keep increasing the mileage by the thousands each month. but i have just started listening to howard stern on xm for the first time and it's like crack. i cannot stop listening to him, no matter how bad i want to turn the station!  (and yes, i did just reference an illegal drug in this blog after all...)

i went to the ray lamontagne/david gray concert in atlanta all by myself last week (long story, but hubs had to work after all and i was not going to miss this show...)  i had a great time jamming solo to two of my most favorite artists.  an extra bonus--i met up with a long lost friend that i hadn't seen in 6 years, which made it even better.

while on my little road trip to atlanta for the concert, i decided to stay overnight and get up and shop the next day since atlanta tends to have a wider range of shopping choices than my little neck of the woods.  (note: the words "wider range" is a major understatement.  we have NOTHING HERE.)
but nonetheless, there is a lot to be said for shopping alone. i would prefer it any day over shopping with someone. sorry to my friends who shop with me. it's true. i love having no time limitations, not having to announce to someone "okay! i'm going to try this on now." and indulging in mall snacks and Sonic limeades whenever i want. whoa, i'm ranting now.  um, so yeah, shopping by myself was lovely.