Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008

where did it go?

this year, Christmas seemed to just come and go so quickly. maybe it is because we are getting older or maybe it is because i have worked so ridiculously hard that it just passed me by. (NOT a good thing.) regardless, the celebrations were wonderful and the memories priceless.

this year, jeff had to work on Christmas day, so we took off to Asheville for a mini-vacation the weekend before. we found an AWESOME cabin on a little river and had ourselves a grand ole' time...we got our shopping done (shopping in Asheville is awesome), we baked cookies, we played Scrabble (which is a first...I don't think we've ever sat still long enough to play Scrabble together!). Oh, and we went to the Grove Park Inn.


I am so glad we decided against staying at the grove park for the long weekend because based on our experience with the Sunday brunch there, we were less than impressed. It was overpriced, okay food, and HORRIBLE service. i would not go back. we ate quietly with empty tea glasses next to a dust covered window sill, went and checked out their Christmas trees and gingerbread houses and got the heck out of there. it was not on the top of my "good" list. and to think it is rated one of the nation's top 10 hotels...... ish! give me cracker barrel any day!

Christmas Eve was at our house with my family, complete with a big spaghetti dinner and too many presents.

I spent Christmas Day by myself since Jeff was working. It sounds lonely and all "woe-is-me," but it was actually quite nice. I slept in, enjoyed my coffee (multiple cups) and made myself a good breakfast. I got to sit still and that was the nicest part of it all.

Christmas night was spent at Jeff's aunt Becky's house, where we had a fabulous dinner (thanks again, Becky!!) and played some of Bryce's cool games. and of course, MORE presents!

we usually do the day after Christmas at my grandparents house in westminster, but Papa had bronchitis this year, so we postponed it till the weekend. The tradition is that Grandmama makes her wonderful vegetable soup and we have all kinds of other goodies--weenies in the crockpot, ham, sausage balls, dips, mmm mmm.

All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas and we hope yours was, too!

enjoy just a few of our pics from Christmas '08!

our tree...take 2. (the 1st time we put it up we blew the fuses on all the lights!!)
Align Center

at our house, Elvis is always in the building...

Christmas in the creek: our backyard @ the cabin in asheville

a cute coffeehouse gingerbread house at the grove park's all edible!

our general thoughts on the grove park inn:

maggie and wickett getting ready for Christmas eve at our house

somehow mama turned into a blur...but check out the massive amounts of gifts!

mama thinks it's funny to give me back gifts that i've given her over the years, including this penguin...

Christmas morning with my invisible husband. :-(Wickett got a new necklace for Christmas.

Melissa, Greg and Isaac getting ready for presents at Becky's

Isaac gave me this cool Wizard of Oz ornament that has lights and sound!

me, becky and mary jo...triple trouble!
my bro, Zack, learning about his ancestors from Grandmama

All the grandgirls got these apron "thingies" from Grandmama for Christmas this year...
Typical scene at Grandmama's for Christmas


Kelly said...

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