Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a page is turned

i'll be the first to admit i didn't vote for him, nor do i agree with all of his views, but it is exciting to see the pomp and circumstance going on today as obama gets inaugurated. i don't know that i've ever in my lifetime seen so many people so passionate about a new president. the footage so far has been very moving, just knowing that history is being made right before our eyes.

no matter what our beliefs, we must all join together and pray for our new leader and for our country. no matter what.

below is a link to the belief net blog with a prayer for our new president:

ps--i'm diggin' michelle's yellow dress.


carrie said...

I was thinking her dress was green...her gloves definitely are. Maybe the dress is puce.

lindsay said...

yeah, now that i look at it closer, maybe chartreuse??