Saturday, April 4, 2009

happy birthday, beulah!

happy birthday, miss beulah grace crissinger!

beulah was born this morning and is the daughter of two of my dear, dear friends from college, andy and michelle. these are two of the most beautiful people i have ever known, inside and out. this baby girl is such a blessing and they have waited for her patiently and have been such an inspiration throughout the whole process.

michelle is a great blogger--i would encourage you to read her blog. you will, no doubt, be blessed. (and they have a pic up, too!)

so here's to giving thanks to God for precious people like andy and michelle, for sweet baby beulah and for miracles.


Michelle said...

OK, so now I'm crying, and I don't think it's the postpartum hormones! You have touched my heart and made my day. Thank you, friend! We love you and can't wait for Beulah to meet you!