Wednesday, April 15, 2009

martha moments: hangin' tough (how to plant a hanging tomato garden)

since i didn't have time to plant a garden this year, i am going to try my hand at something one of my clients did last year that was really, really cool. you may have seen these on TV and they do sell a commercial "planter" but these instructions work just the same, and cost less.

it's a hanging tomato planter! it's GENIUS--you have no worries of staking the plant so that it grow up like it should, there are NO WEEDS and fewer critters and bugs to mess it up, and there is no risk of overwatering it either. in other words, pretty easy (so i hope!)

i got a couple of "homer buckets" at the home depot tonight that i'm going to spray paint (they're orrrrrrrange) and am going to start mine either tomorrow or friday. i'll be sure to post pics of the progress.

i just thought i would share with you all the easy steps on how to do this.

you'll need:
large bucket
a coffee filter or piece of old, thin fabric
potting soil
tomato plant(s)
herbs (optional)

1. turn bucket upside down and drill large hole (2"-4") in center.
2. turn bucket back upright and tape a coffee filter or thin piece of old fabric on top of hole. (this
helps keep the soil from falling out of the bottom.)
3. with knife or scissors, cut an "x" in the coffee filter.
4. thread the tomato plant into the hole (thru the X you just made) so that the plant is hanging
out the bottom, root ball is inside at bottom of bucket.
5. fill with soil.
6. you can also plant your herbs on top once all soil is in (i'm going to plant oregano, cilantro and
7. hang on large, sturdy hook in a sunny spot and let her grow! make sure to water every day.

once i get mine going, i'll post pics with these steps for you "visual" peeps out there.

side note: i hear you can also drill more holes and plant peppers alongside the tomatoes as well!