Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas '09 recap (pic heavy!)

where did the holidays go? one minute i was having my latte out of the special, red holiday cup from Starbucks, now, back to the plain ole white one. it reminds of the line from the wizard of oz, "my! things come and go so quickly around here!" Christmas did come and go so fast, but we tried to stretch it out and celebrate as much as we could!

this year found us celebrating Christmas together for the first time since we've been married. how is this, you ask? well, jeff has worked every single Christmas for the past seven years. here's a pic from last year's' Christmas and my invisible husband!

but this year was different. and it was SO nice to have him home. it makes me really hurt for those husbands and wives who have spouses serving in the military not just on holidays, but every single day.

one of my favorite parts of the holidays is the music and the decorating. i love getting the house all Christmasy smelling, lit up and cozy. it's my happy place.

this year, it was our turn to host Christmas eve for Jeff's family at our house. we always have a big dinner, and this year, we decided to require everyone to wear pajamas. not only because it made for cute pictures, but also because pj pants have elastic waistbands, so everyone could eat as much as they wanted!

so here's how our Christmas went down:

to start, i sent out these invitations. i know, i'm a dork, but i love stuff like this!

and here are some pics of the house all gussied up! man, i wish we could leave it up all year long.

the living room:

the main tree:

the mantle (and check out our new easel from mom and dad...for playing Pictionary!)

the dining room tree:

table's all set!

view from jeff's head of the table seat. i surprised everyone with personalized pics of themselves as their place card.

handmade wreath that i worked on for 3 solid hours (but it was worth it!)

the scene on Christmas eve

We basically chilled on Christmas Day and enjoyed the drizzle and gray. My family came over Christmas night for our annual Christmas Miracle dinner. The miracle is the spaghetti that mama makes (long story.) Next Christmas will be even more of a miracle dinner, as Zack's girlfriend, Ashton, is expecting and due the day before my birthday. It will be fun to have a little one at the table next year. :-)

Here's Zack with his slippers mom got him. She didn't realize there were two different slippers in the box!

Ashton and her new windchimes:

Mama and Daddy

our new black bear remember our encounter with a big black bear earlier this year in Tennessee!

And the next day, we went to visit Mema and then on to my Grandmama and Papa's to finish out all the celebrating.

Daddy and Mema

Grandmama sharing her new photobook with Don

Jennifer with her new cookbook. we had cookbooks made this year with all of Grandmama's best recipes in them to give to all of the grandkids. they were a hit!

grandmama and her fried of the many things that caused my pants to be too tight this morning, i'm sure!

What a whirlwind of fun! Now we are back to the real world, the decorations are all down and safely in the Christmas closet until next year. the fattening foods are all eaten and carrots and celery and Boca burgers now take their place in the fridge.

a new year has begun and we wish you all a healthy, prosperous 2010~


The Cassidys said...

oh my your house is just dazzling at christmas, and any other time of the year! i feel like i'm looking in a magazine! happy belated holidays!

Lindsay said...

linds, your house looks AMAZING! i need you to come over and help me with decorating and deciding what kind of furniture to get for my den!!!
congrats to Ashton and your bro! i had no idea she was expecting!!
looks like you had a great christmas with lots of special moments! let's try to get together soon! i know it's the busy season for both of us but maybe lunch or dinner? i'll even drive down to Six Mile :)
love ya!

Cindy said...

Thanks for capturing the special times of Christmas 2009. Special thanks for all the work you did on the Grandmama Cookbooks. Lots of memories to treasure!
Love you!