Sunday, January 24, 2010

the rug in the bedroom, part deux

here's an update on the rug in the bedroom--if you remember, i was having a dilemma as to where to put it...or if to put one at all?

well i did. and i love it.

here's the finished product. (and a couple more pics so you can see the big picture!)

now, you know all bloggers love comments, so what do y'all think?


Mrs. Limestone said...

Looks great - very calm and put together.

lindsay said...

thanks, mrs. L! you know i respect anything you say! :-) your bedroom is lookin' lovely as well!

Shelbie said...

Hello! Found your blog through better After, I think the spindles look great! It pays to pick up little knick knacks that you know someday will come in handy. Your bedroom looks great! I shall follow you. :)

The Pear's Nest said...

I love everything about your calming and so well put together. Great job. Perfect placement on the rug!