Tuesday, February 9, 2010

better after

the old legs project is featured on one of my favorite blogs today! lindsey over at better after has the coolest blog and i love having a daily look-see at what other people have transformed!

and if you've ventured into the dance circle here at dancing through life for the first time, welcome!
the blog isn't by any means new, but up until now, it's been kind of obscure.

so i'd be much obliged if you'd like to follow! (click below the cool frame thingy that pleads "PLEASE FOLLOW ME.")

many thanks to my 9 faithful readers up to this point. ha!


Lindsay said...

awesome, linds!! now, come on over and help me decorate!!!

lindsay said...

you got it! you need to start thinking about which colors you want to use most (whether on the walls or in accessories) so we can make a "mood board."

by the way, my LSD bag is the BOMB. Took it with me to the groc store this morning to use for my frozen stuff (trying to use less plastic bags.) Got LOTS of comments on it! :-)

Debbie said...

I was just on RMS and saw your awesome bedroom, then decided to click on your blog!!~ I was not signed into RMS so I did not comment....it is adorable, and I love everything you did!!~ I am new to blogging as well, ignore the negative commentary one will get on RMS, I took off my spaces, because I was tired of it!!~ Blogging is so much more rewarding and postive....come visit me in SC:)