Monday, February 8, 2010

z lovely deer

on a recent trip to z gallerie, one of my most favorite stores, i spied this lovely deer.

i started trying to figure out where i would put it and convinced myself that i
needed it. until i looked at the price tag. homegirl was not going to spend $250. there was no way to justify it.

{complete sidetrack}: this got me thinking about the parallels between shopping and friendships. it's no secret that my "real" favorite stores are goodwill and habitat for humanity and yard sales. it's like they're my true friends. my "go to for anything in the world" friends. on the other hand, z gallerie and anthropologie and pottery barn are the popular group. i kind of want to be friends with them, but am not willing to give up my sense of self in order to do so. i still like 'em....just not enough to pay to be their friends. i just watch them closely to see what they're sporting these days and then find my own (cheaper) version and look equally as cool.

{quick disclaimer}: yes, i think i have had way too much coffee this morning.

moving on.

in the end, i did not fork over $250 for the lovely lacquered deer. but i won't lie. i did think about that deer. a lot. i even pondered just buying it with my Christmas money. i went on the website to buy it and it was sold out. i chalked it up to "not meant to be."

then it dawned on me.

i could MAKE my own lovely deer.

so i found this one:

+added some of this+

and got this.

call me crazy, but i love it!

...and i didn't as much "doe." (pun SO intended.)

now, be a deer dear and leave a comment as to
what should i name him?


Anonymous said...

Found you via Better After and I LOVE this!! I have also been lusting after ceramic deer heads and antlers but they are always super pricey! Where in the world did you find this fakey?!

Michelle (Three Men and a Lady) said...

I love your philosophical parallels. I'm right there with you. I'm glad you didn't succumb to the "cool gangs" decor. Yours is better anyway. Great vision.

lindsay said...

Hi Holly! I actually just googled "resin deer head" in google shopping and found it on kaboodle for $26. There were also some that pulled up when I searched under the same thing on eBay. Hope that helps!!!

Angela said...

Oh, I love it! Such a smart girl you are to re-paint that deer head instead. Good idea.

Congrats on being featured on Better After as well. :)

Popcorn Served Daily said...

G.W. is one of my BFF's. We run in the same circle. PB and Anthro are my aquaintences, for sure.

Love the blog. Now you have 10 faithful followers.



Adrianna said...

This freakin awesome!! I found your blog on Michelle's (Three Men & a Lady) blog roll. Girl you are genius. I am such a follower..#23 to be exact :o) Love the chocolate truffles too. Everything I love in life in one ball.

Anonymous said...

First, I must say GW rocks...just went today and bought 14 pieces of clothing for $7.00...ALL name brands that would have amounted to more like $200.00 if I purchased new! Also, love the deer! The first name that came to mind was Oliver-sophisticated, yet goes along with the poor orphan theme from the musical. LOL!

lindsay said...

Oliver it is! :-D

Jenn said...

You are so crazy! And so creative. And that is the only kind of deer head that would ever come in my front door!