Tuesday, March 9, 2010

the {not so} little cabin in the woods

a couple of weekends ago, we spent a long weekend up in the mountains of sevierville, tennessee with some good friends of ours. it was nice to sleep late, not answer cell phones, temporarily ditch our diets and just escape for a little while.

the cabin was so beautiful.  it was out in the middle of nowhere and overlooking ranges upon ranges of snow-covered mountains.

it had 3 master bedrooms, so none of us had to draw straws, which is always nice!

and it had this.

that's right, a two-story stacked riverstone fireplace with a back-lit antique stained glass window.  is it not gorgeous?

and it had a big ole steamy hot tub outside, which we got to enjoy while it was snowing...

and even though it had a roof over it, with the snow whirling about, we had to walk back (uphill, backwards, barefooted!) in the snow to get back in the cabin. 

oh, i almost forgot!  it also had this.

oh yeah, it's a very special husband up bright and early at, ahem,1 p.m. in his cowboy button up shirt, flannel jammy pants and his boots.  one leg in, one leg out, just sitting and solving all of the problems of the world. isn't he just darlin?

and i'll leave you with one last photo that i managed to snap with my phone on the way home.

tell us what you really think, department of transportation! 

too funny.


Playing Sublimely said...

nice to meet you :)!!