Saturday, July 31, 2010

five senses friday

every friday, i'm going to post a "dear diary" piece that i'm going to call "five senses friday."  i can't take any credit for this; i saw it on lovely blog, Dancing Branflakes, and i thought it was such a neat idea.  so here goes.  feel free to comment and post yours as well!

footnote: yeah, yeah, so i know today isn't even friday but i forgot to publish it yesterday. stick with me here. it's been a long week!

Dear Diary,


i love the smell of
a newborn infant's head, particularly this one sweet baby named kyla.

i love the sound of
my sweet maggie's bark.

i love the taste of
fresh tomatoes from the garden with salt and pepper.

i love the sight of
my brother as a father.

i love the feel of
high thread count bamboo sheets fresh out of the dryer.

now, it's your turn.  what are your five senses this week?