Monday, July 12, 2010

summer party 1: the bbq shindig

last month, i threw 2 parties within 7 days of each other.

i am still recovering.

looking back, it was a whirlwind of trips to wal-mart, michael's and costco. but planning events is so fun to me and these two were worth every bead of sweat! 

the first party was for zack and ashton, who, as you may remember got married in May in florida.  since many of their friends and family weren't able to make the trip from south carolina to florida, they had a reception, so-to-speak, here at our house.  it was the first time we'd put big tents out on the lawn and pulled out all the stops--and it was great!

 the invitations i did were so fun and i loved how they turned out...mainly because i couldn't have made these for just anyone. it fit them just perfect!

black eyed peas and candles in mason jars with a bandana for centerpieces

 one of zack's friends with a message to him on a bottle of, um, er, well let's just say it's
 a very strong adult beverage that just might be made from corn and that frequents parties and gatherings in the southern area of the U.S.  :-)

as the sun starts to go down, the fun is getting ready to start

silly bands and bettin' games...doesn't get much better!

 the newlyweds!

note:  i was pretty much prohibited from posting anymore pics because they were all so hilarious and slightly incriminating. 

glad to finally celebrate with the new couple as they start their new life together. and i was also glad to see them get lots and lots of great gifts for their house!  

congrats, z&a!