Wednesday, July 28, 2010

welcome home surprises

to help welcome my brother's new little family home, i thought i'd go over while they were still in the hospital and hang some curtains.

easier said than done.

if you know me at all, you know that i cannot just stop there. their walls were blank and they gave me their blessing to do as i wanted.  anytime someone tells me, "go ahead, i trust you,"'s like music to my ears.

so i hung the curtains.  and then i kept going.
and  in the end, they came home to:

...a new wreath on their front door pillows for the couches...
...a revamped lamp (this is the before)
...and this is the after.   i just wrapped it with some spray adhesive and sisal and voila!

...a new side table, mirror and decorative urn that i loooove...
...some new handpainted artwork that is going to be hung above the desk, along with some new shelves...
...a new ficus tree, doormats and framed prints of them
...and of course, new curtains!

mama and i worked hard to get it all done before they got home and luckily we got just about everything accomplished.  

they already had a great house and now it's a lovely home.



Dancing Branflake said...

I love all your choices! You are so nice to do this for your family. Loving those curtains!

Kirsty said...

Wow hehe you went all out didn't you! Hehe great job!

Lindsay said...

can you come to my house? i have some curtains that need to be hung and you can do whatever you want to my front bedroom/office :) you did a great job and i know they LOVED everything!

Kari said...

you have been so busy! looks great, love the curtains