Saturday, May 9, 2009

all decked out

on my list for "spring things" was a new deck (in addition to many other things...). jeff and i had a good time tearing the old one off. it was major therapy to get to destroy something. is that weird that i love destruction so much?

nonetheless, we now have a pretty new deck--bigger and better than the old one. heck, we could even have a concert out there now if only i could get justin timberlake's manager to call me back. (just kidding, but isn't the thought of J.T. in six mile fabulous?)

here's some pics of the progress. the last pic shows the finished product-though it looks way redneck with our piece of board up (to keep clyde off), and the lack of furniture. also pay no mind to the fact that we still haven't planted shrubs or mulched around it. that's coming!

funny story on that...i went to home depot to get some lora petulum. it's a pretty shrub with purplish leaves and pink little flowers. it's perfect for the side of the deck. i couldn't find it anywhere in the garden section, so i asked someone if she knew where it was. she, obviously waaaay stoned, went into a lengthy explanation that "lora petulum was the latin name and the latin name derived from the word 'elephant.' " she went on to explain that all living things are categorized into kingdom's, genuses, species and classes. oh my gosh. i politely thanked her for her vast knowledge and went to Lowe's, where i found my lora petulum. :-)

and in case you're wondering, YES, the floors are done! and NO, we didn't finish them ourselves! ha ha. we got most of the living room done and were so tired of getting to work on it an hour at at time and wearing ourselves out that we hired someone to come in and lay the rest. if you live in the upstate and need hardwood floors, we've got your man. he did a great job at a great price. here's a pic to give you an idea of how they turned out. we are loving the way they look!

no more home improvements for a while...we are leaving tomorrow for new york! we found out yesterday that the night that we have tickets for the jimmy fallon show (tues night, 5/12 look for us!), andy samberg will be on. we LOVE andy samberg so we're excited! there is also a comedian/musician named bo burnham who'll be on. he's hilarious. look him up on youtube. we're also going to do the whole today show experience on friday---jennifer hudson will be performing on the plaza. no, i won't be holding up some crazy poster or anything, but we will be there! keep your eyes peeled. :)

i'll post some pics when we get back!


carrie said...

Love it!!! It looks so good. Now time to plan a your place!! ;) Have fun in NY.

Lindsay said...

your deck looks awesome!!! i agree with carrie, TIME FOR A COOKOUT!!! have fun in NY....i'm jealous! i still want to go at christmas time so bad!! love ya!

Chris, Amanda, Ethan & Abbey said...

ok - first of all the deck looks awesome and secondly, how long did it take you to do that??? we have been working on ours for FOREVER! i guess there's one big difference - a child! :) also, third - can you pack me in your suitcase for NYC? i HEART nyc! I need to buy one of those thsirts! have fun!

lindsay said...

thanks, y'all! yes, i would love to have a cookout this summer--will you all come??

and amanda, about the deck--we only tore the old one off ourselves. we didn't build the new one! we had a local guy build it. if we had built it ourselves, it would have taken us 5 years!