Monday, May 11, 2009

....and ACTION! (nyc day 1)

today's been filled with fun stuff--

we went to celebrity autobiography tonight and it was great! we walked from our hotel in times square to the upper west side and saw it at the triad theater. it's basically a cast of celebrities onstage reading OTHER celebrities autobiographies. it was hilarious and we loved the cast-rachel dratch, kristen wiig (both of SNL), sherri shephard from the view, kristen johnston, steve schiripa and more. loved it!

on the way there we saw something being filmed. so we were curious and looked to my right and there was stephen baldwin. he was directing something and they were filming.

then on our way back to the hotel tonight, we realized that the road was starting to be barricaded and there were all these cool cars with cameras on them. come to find out, jerry bruckheimer is producing "the sorcerer's apprentice" starring nicholas cage (!) right outside our hotel. literally. so we hung out and watched them film one of the scenes.

so cool.

tomorrow we've got plans to shop and then we have to be at Rockefeller Center at 4 for the taping of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. They'll start filming at 5 I think. We just have to get there to get our seats.

so far, so good! we've navigated our way quite well and tried really hard to blend in with the locals. we also got cupcakes at magnolia bakery, which was even better than all of the reviews said.

going to bed now--it's almost 1 a.m. and i gotta get some rest!

view from our room (and our cupcakes!)

apparently, these are suri cruise's favorite cupcakes, too...stephen baldwin:
hot chocolate in the's chilly at night!
the scene they're filming outside the hotel of for the sorcerer's apprentice:


Lindsay said...

awesome!!! looks like y'all are having a great time! bring me back one of those cupcakes, okay???? :)

Lori said...

I'm SO jealous!! I've always wanted to go to NYC! My husband, however, does I guess one of these days I'll be going alone or w/the boys. LOL!!

I've got a private blog if you ever want to read it just send me an email and I'll add you.

Chris, Amanda, Ethan & Abbey said...

you're making me insanely jealous! can't wait to see what adventures you have tomorrow!