Friday, May 29, 2009

who needs a nuker?

we ordered this great, sparkly kitchenaid microwave as part of our kitchen makeover and it doesn't quiiiiiite fit the space. it's an over the range (hood style) microwave.

we can't return it because when the delivery people brought it, they unwrapped it, set it out and then carried away all trash, which included THE BOX.

i have everything else--we never even mounted the thing. we just held it up and realized it wouldn't work there, and here we are.

if you want to google it and look description, specs, etc. it is aKitchenAid KHMS1850SSS. I believe retail cost is around $549. of course, we are willing to take less than that to get it off our hands since we can't use it.

so if you need a cool stainless steel microwave at a good deal, make us an offer!