Thursday, May 21, 2009

nyc--the rest of the week!

as you can see, we stayed so busy in the city that i am just now getting around to posting about the rest of our time in nyc.

to say that we had a ball was an understatement--it was a blast! we have been to new york before and the fun thing about that place is that there will always be something new to do, something new to see, some great surprise around every single corner. it is a city for explorers, that's for sure. you can just start walking with no end point in mind and find so many treasures--colorful characters, celebrities, world-class shopping, every nationality under the sun--it's just a melting pot of everything.

instead of doing a day by day breakdown, i'll just list out the highlights:

1. going to the Jimmy Fallon show. soooo much fun. he is a cutie! thank goodness they didn't call either one of us out of the audience because the "audience participation" part that night was a dance-off. oh, that would have been HORRIBLE. thankfully we just sat in our seats and watched someone else make a fool of themselves. but gosh, what a fun night!

2. 9 to 5: The Musical. dolly parton wrote it--need i say more?? it was FANTASTIC. we were so happy to find out that the two lead actresses from when we last saw Wicked in NYC were the leads in 9 to 5 this time around. it was great. if you're heading up that way, GO SEE IT!

3. we walked the brooklyn bridge. how cool to walk from manhattan to brooklyn and look down through the bridge at the taxis and rush hour traffic and to look back at the city behind us. once we got across, i was able to get that classic photography shot of the brooklyn bridge with the city in the background. it was awesome!

4. the food. the food was excellent. my meal at bobby flay's mesa grill was one of the best meals i have EVER had. EVER. (and i am a self-admitted "foodie.") and let me just say new yorkers know how to do pizza. new york pizza by the slice is pure heaven.

5. grand central station. this was the first time we'd been there and it was breathtaking. the architecture is just unbelievable. down in the bottom is the famous (well, famous in ny) oyster house restaurant with the best halibut i've ever put in my mouth. so good that we ate there twice!

6. the view at the marriott marquis in times square. this bar/restaurant really lives up to its name. the lights of the city from up here were amazing!

7. we FINALLY figured out the ny subway system!!

8. shopping at tiffany's on fifth avenue--every girl's dream come true!

9. central park. so serene and so strange how it blocks out all of the city sounds and sights. it's like entering an enchanted forest. you forget you are in one of the biggest cities in the world. oh, and we got to sit on a park bench and watch jason bateman film a scene for the upcoming movie "the baster."

10. time together. always a good time with my jeff. he's just so much fun! it's funny how we just "get" each other and are always in sync with where we want to go, what we want to do, etc. we had so much fun together figuring out the city--and i must say, we kinda know our way around up there pretty darn well now!!

the last night we were there, we met up with jeff's parents and our nephew, isaac, and went back to the oyster house at grand central for dinner and then to times square so that isaac could get the "feel" of new york. then it was off to long island, where we spent the rest of the weekend celebrating jeff's grandpa's 80th birthday. it was the first time i had met a lot of his aunts and uncles and we had SUCH a good time! i'll post some pics of that in the next blog.

but gosh, with all of the fun we had, it was so nice to walk through our front door at home. there really is no place like it!

times square at night

megan hilty, one of our fave broadway stars! she played dolly parton in 9 to 5.

grand central station

central park

on the brooklyn side of the brooklyn bridge--well worth the walk!

jeff with the empire state building in the background

i am the luckiest.

brooklyn bridge

jeff at chelsea piers

i heart ny!


Lindsay said...

what did you get at Tiffany's???

Lori said...

Glad you guys had a good time!!! I am going there one of these days!

lindsay said...

linds-i got 2 tiffany keys. they are a new thing that they are doing and i had seen them in a magazine. google them...they're hard to describe. so pretty!

lori--you must go there!!! if you can't get the hubs to go with you, then let's just get up a big ole group of girls and go. i am SERIOUS!