Friday, July 25, 2008

the 1st day of the last year of my 20's other words, the start of my 29th year. wow. time flies.

birthdays were much more fun when we were all NINE and having parties at holland's rollerama. but the years creep on and here i sit one year before my 30th birthday. (i'm internally screaming right now).

this year's birthday was great. jeff's been off for a couple of weeks so we got to hang out together, which we never take for granted because some years he gets to celebrate on my birthday, some years we have to celebrate a few days before or after because of his work schedule. we really didn't do much of anything, which was nice! my parents treated the family to dinner at paesano's (my fave) which was impeccable from start to finish. our favorite waiter, billy, created a special dessert just for my birthday which was incredible.

then the next day jeff taught me a little more on the golf course. i've been trying to learn the game and am almost to the point of buying some hot pink clubs/irons/wedges. i seriously knocked the crap outta the ball yesterday and i think it even shocked jeff how far i can drive it. bring it, tiger. bring it.

hopefully the weather will hold out tomorrow for us to go canoeing. we are headed up to paris mountain for the day.

one last note--i am officially hereby boycotting the oconee county wal-mart in seneca. it is filthy and disgusting and to go there on a friday night is like going to the circus. they should charge admission. everytime we go in there, i get in a bad mood and tonight was no different. so there, i said it. i hate the seneca wal-mart. dollar general of six mile, here i come!!