Thursday, July 31, 2008

we just needed a good paddlin'

so we are back and at 'em after our long weekend with the welch's (minus jackson). what an awesome time to kick back, not have good cell phone service and just relax.

when we plan any trip to the mountains (especially if we are staying in a cabin), I always envision this wonderfully primitive trip, where we cook everything over a fire pit, there is no television or phone and i am forced to paint or draw or read multiple books in a rocking chair on a porch.

this never happens.

the first thing i do is find outlet malls. then we all figure out which restaurants to hit up. and then there's the wii and guitar hero. to say that it's addicting is quite the understatement.

nonetheless, playing "dream police" over and over and over again was fun. i finally have mastered the easy level and now medium is seriously kicking my butt!!

we did get back to nature a bit---we got in a good paddlin' with zaloo's canoes on the new river. we packed a panini lunch (yep, still obsessed with them) and had the best time canoeing with our canoes tied together. we also went fishing and lindsay w. caught her first fish EVER. baby got bass. too bad we didn't even have a camera to take a picture of this life changing event!!

all in all, it's trips like this that make you sit back and be particularly thankful for the friendships we have in our lives.

the two amigos
the strange forces of nature and gravity at mystery hill
river rats!
lindsay w. looking for the darn brown barn! (it was likely the spot that was missing on the map)