Tuesday, July 8, 2008

taking some sick time...for jeff

i am going to be taking some sick time from work for the rest of the week. am i sick, you ask? no. am i going to the doctor? nope. but poor jeffy has to have teeth pulled tomorrow and i am going to be a good wife and take him since he will be going under anesthesia. and i'm taking sick time for it. i have already forewarned him that if he wants to confess anything now, he can, as i will be questioning him about various things while he's out of his mind temporarily. just kidding.

as badly as i hate it that he has to undergo dental work, i am looking forward to taking a few days to get some things done while he is recovering. we are having a yard sale on saturday and i need to get all my crap together for that. yard sales are great--you get to really purge yourself of all of those little nick nacks that just accumulate.

this year's yard sale bin consists of books that i don't care to keep, sheets that are less than 300 thread count (cause i'm spoiled like that), glasses that don't match any of my other glasses, tank tops that are size XS (when the hell did the girls ever fit into a size XS?!?) and some old cd's that someone in their eighties might like (such as michael mcdonald and spanish guitar serenade). i'll be sure to take pictures at this grand event and i'll even tell you how much money i make.

ooh-almost forgot...we had such a great 4th of july here. the weather was great--not too steamy hot and definitely not to cool. we enjoyed an afternoon at paul and mj's--paul made ribs, steaks, burgers, hotdogs and a boston butt. holy crap! can you say C-A-R-N-I-V-O-R-E-S?? everything was great. we all went out on the boat and watched the fireworks. they were literally all around us. it was gorgeous. bryce got to captain the boat and isaac had a hand in choosing what we listened to on the iPod (mostly Bob Marley and Frankie Vallie...he's got great taste!) with all of the great things going on, it was easy to lose focus of why we were out celebrating in the first place, but i was reminded of it when i saw a big american flag on our way home.

we are so lucky to be free and to live in america.

ps--i've now added a music player to the blog for your listening enjoyment.