Wednesday, July 9, 2008


jeff did beautifully today with having his teeth pulled. he went in around 10:45, they called him back right at 11 and i was helping him into the car at 11:50.

he was so precious. i went back and they still had the laughing gas on him. he was very concerned that i remember to get his cap and kept pointing to it. so i put it in my bag.

the nurse then started telling me how to care for him over the course of the next few days. she said, "no strenuous activity for a few days, at least." jeff's eyes got big and he looked at me incredulously. oh no, i thought, please don't ask her about sex. i will die.

and he didn't.

he looked back at her and said with the saddest look on his face, "GOLFTH?"



"no, jeff, you can't play golf this Friday...that might be overdoing it."

"oh." then he just shut his eyes and pointed for his cap again.


he's now on the couch and eating his jello. his numbness has worn off but he has felt no pain and there's very little swelling. he's had bags of frozen veggies on his face.