Saturday, July 12, 2008

Daggum, that felt good!

the yard sale was today and we worked so hard all day yesterday cleaning out the garage and the storage building. it definitely paid off, but we worked our butts off.

it felt so darn good to get rid of stuff. what we didn't sell went straight to goodwill. we made a grand total of $289! hooray! and a tax write off for the stuff we donated. so it was well worth the time and the sweat we put into it.

the profit goes toward a mini-vacation this week with some of our very besties, justin and linds! we can't wait. we need time away and it will be great to get away with them to the mountains of west jefferson, nc. i am taking 3 books with me and will hopefully finish at least one by the time i come home! so only a couple of work days this week and then we are heading up to the mountains.

jeff is still doing great with having his teeth pulled. he has not yet felt any pain or had any swelling, so he was quite blessed. he'll go in for a follow up on monday. we have been making sure to follow all of the instructions so he doesn't get a dry socket. but i think he's all in the clear now. he had it MUCH better than i did when i had wisdom teeth pulled, that's fo sho'.

that's about it for now--SO looking forward to a chill day tomorrow.

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